What is 800RecoveryHub.com?

About me (VictoriaB.) I am 21 years sober, 11 years married and 8 years a mom.  I live in Texas with my equally wacky (27-year sober husband Bruce B.).  We have a high-maintenance, all attention consuming son named Blake B.  Let’s not forget an equally high-maintenance, all attention consuming Pomeranian named Bella B.  Our life is super boring … oh, I mean serene.  For fun, we take RV trips to other states.

I started posting here because I thought it would coordinate nicely with the company we are starting. It is the same name as the blog. 800 Recovery Hub offers for you or your loved one a Free NonBias Treatment Assessment and guides you through finding Immediate Solutions for any problem. Founded by people in recovery for people in need of recovery. We know there is no single Hospital Program or Treatment Center Group that is the right option for everyone let alone could possibly help the estimated 50 million people suffering from Addictions, Disorders and Trauma in the U.S. It’s just not possible one size can’t fit all.

There are many factors that go into deciding which is the best recovery option or treatment facility for you or your loved one. Things like various addiction specializations, detoxification methods, location, the length of programs, after care, in-patient, out-patient, facilities, special needs, co-ed, age, gender, religious beliefs, cost, Insurance etc. That is precisely why we started 800 Recovery Hub to be the connection between you and the thousands of recovery home choices and offer placement assistance.

We are not owned by a treatment center or hospital THAT IS WHY we can offer a FREE CONFIDENTIAL ASSESSMENT and FIND YOU THE RIGHT PROGRAM for you or your loved one. Our mission is to guide you through the valuation process and help you find the perfect fit for your unique situation. Our Free Counseling services are performed by Recovery Counselors in recovery themselves that understand unique situations.

Here we are in Nashville. What a great town.


At no cost or obligation to you, 800 Recovery Hub offers you detailed descriptions of rehabilitation methods and will offer you our assessment of any Treatment Center you’re considering. Our goal moves you forward on the path to recovery and helps you find the right addiction rehab treatment facility. Simply fill out our patient placement form by clicking below and we’ll send you a referral to treatment centers that address your needs. You’ll be directed to a facility that , specializes in any and all of your needs, physically located in an area of your choice and accepts your insurance.

Keep in mind that this is my fun blog. I write here to provide resources. We do have a separate recovery hotline. You can visit there at 800 Recovery Hub

I also so a few no cost interventions. That site is at No Cost Intervention I am also very active on social media channels.  Just go about anywhere at I’m at the username 800 Recovery Hub – no spaces. Right now, I am loving Instagram memories. I would love to hear from you. We also pick up the phone 7 days a week at 800-544-59767