Recover from addiction with technology

This month, many people will be getting new or upgraded computers and smartphones for the Holidays. Next month, many others will be making New Year’s resolutions. Take advantage of the latest technology by incorporating some smartphone apps into your recovery.


The Alcohol Use Predictor

This app is designed to be a screening tool and is for education and information purposes only. It is hoped people use it to screen their behavior for risk of alcohol dependence and harm. If the results indicate you are at risk (for an alcohol problem) it is strongly “suggested” you seek help.

recovery apps
CBS reports that smartphone apps can help in recovery

This company is also coming out with a depression and anxiety app, respectively.

Too Many Alcohol Apps to Pick From

Whether you’re trying to remain sober, cutting back, or just getting a handle on how much you drink each day, this list should help. This site has  rounded up 19 of the best apps that will motivate and hold you accountable when you decide it’s time to quit for good.

General Addiction

RecoveryBox (iPhone only)

Designed for accountability, recoveryBox is an IOS app toolset that facilitates tracking of daily life activities by easily breaking them down into your “lights”.

Green Lights = Way to Go Activities!
Yellow Lights = Warning Light Events
Red Lights = Acting Out

RecoveryBox is designed to work with any addiction: drugs, gambling, pornography, alcohol or customize your own specific to your needs!

ImQuit (Android)

This app is for any type of addiction you are fighting against. It traces your process and gives you a clear and impressive picture. You can compare your history record and share your success with your friends.


Mobile Monitor Your Gambling & Urges (MYGU)

MYGU will report back to you:

Date and time you experience an urge to gamble
What ‘triggers’ your urges to gamble? (A trigger can create an urge to gamble for example having money, feeling bored or lonely may all be triggers)
What activities you do instead of gambling
Wins and losses when you gambled
Your feelings-if you gambled or you didn’t gamble
Consequences-if you gambled or didn’t gamble
The MYGU works best if it is used every time you have an urge to gamble.

MYGU is meant for educational purposes only. Learn more about when your urges to gamble occur, and how much you are winning or losing if you choose to gamble. (I had to get this through the Apple Canadian store. It wasn’t a problem for me, but it was the first time I had to change countries for a download) Download the FREE app now for your:



Eating Disorder Apps

Recovery Record

It takes a lot for an app to maintain a 5-star rating after more than 1,000 reviews. This app has, which speaks to how well respected and appreciated it is among people with eating disorders.

Recovery Record is designed to help people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. But people with other eating, weight, or body concerns might benefit too.

You can log each meal or snack you have, as well as the feelings and thoughts associated with it. This information is compiled into an easy-to-read chart that helps you and caregivers spot patterns and see improvement.



OneHealth Meeting Finder

Many people trying to heal from an eating disorder attend group therapy sessions. These sessions often occur weekly, and sometimes daily. The Meeting Finder app keeps your appointments organized and reminds you before they occur.

Better yet, it helps you make the appointments you need. If you’re visiting a city and need to find a support meeting, use your city or zip code to locate local Eating Disorders Anonymous meetings near you. Send meeting reminders to friends through email or text.



 Mental Health

Mood Tracker iphone and Android

Tracks symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, stress and general well-being. Useful to share with clinicians and chart recovery. Another excellent app developed by the Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology, for Android and iPhone.


MindShift will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety. This app includes strategies to deal with everyday anxiety, as well as specific tools to tackle:

Test Anxiety
Social Anxiety
Performance Anxiety

BiPolar Apps

Doctors often ask people with the disorder to keep a daily log of symptoms and activities in order to make healthcare decisions and manage life with bipolar disorder. Click this link.  You can browse through the slide show to find apps that help you keep a log, track and chart information, and generally make life with bipolar disorder more manageable. There are 14 choices!

To Summarize

I wanted to suggest  some unique technology choices. Therefore, I did not discuss some very popular applications. I think everyone’s favorite is a version of a sobriety calendar (there are at least a half-dozen versions of this app). This is where you enter the date your got sober and it gives you the exact number of days you have. Other popular choices and meeting finders, daily inspirations and online 12-step books.

Do you use technology to aid in your recovery? What apps do you use?  What did I miss?
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  1. Thank you, Victoria. My psychiatrist diagnosed me having bipolar. I resisted his professional viewpoint for several months. I noticed how the meds begin to stabilize my moods. I became a better person saying no to old choices with sexual addiction. Thanks for the links for bipolar issues.

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