The Alcoholic Myth – Native American’s

It’s a terrible stereotype that Native American’s like to drink “fire water” and stumble through life drunk.

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6 thoughts on “The Alcoholic Myth – Native American’s

  1. I know that I didn’t quit drinking I just found that sobriety was free. I also know growing up on a reservation is terrible. Alcohol was the solution to being stuck in a little patch of land. But the only solution is not prohibition as with any drug. It is teaching as in talking to people about it. Living on a reservation and “residential school” is also not genetic. You can not blame the person you are trying to hurt as the government are so inclined to do. I would as they did, kind of, in canada blamed the governments of the past and now of they’re treatment in “the native american”. I also have paid attention and the whites are just as drunk. Most my friends are drunks. anyways, moderation is the key to drinking in moderation.

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  2. Interesting points … I don’t know enough about First Nation Peoples in America to make comment on them. And I wouldn’t dare…to assume to know a culture without experiencing it, in my view, is arrogant. I do understand the indigenous/first nation point of view though. Where I come from, with the European settlement and ensuing colonisation, came disease, tobacco and alcohol. It wasn’t part of our culture at all. It saw our numbers drop from near 200,000+ to 2,000 within a couple of years. We are now faced with all the things that a colonised and assimilated people are faced with – poverty, ill health, addiction etc. Does knowing this help with addiction? I believe it does partially…understanding that we are not by nature, drunken losers, like we are made out to be. We are a product of our historical abuse. But we can also change what we chose to acknowledge, now. 🙂

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  3. I am a Native Alcoholic. The only thing that worked for me was my culture. The twelve steps, the church, etc could not help me. I boils down to culture for me, I have never been culturally white. Finally pulling my head out and taking responsibility for my role as a Native man on my rez is what has saved me. Our good Native Elders can save lives, this is a fact.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to educate me about your Native American Sober Experience. My husband has a close sober friend who is active in his tribe. I really want to learn more about your Native Elders and the strength that binds you.


      1. It’s really quite simple, our culture is prevention. Our culture is inherently against abuse of substances and other things that can harm the body or spirit. If one looks back to his or her ancestors, and does his or her best to emulate their ways, then abusing alcohol and drugs naturally goes away. Obviously it takes lots of work, and there are nuances that would take a long time to explain, but the principle is to be in balance. I’ve been completely active in my culture for over 2 years now, I’m still learning and still growing. Coincidentally I’ve been sober that long too.

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