Confused about Health Insurance?

Insurance terms are confusing. Don’t be frustrated, because I can help.

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4 thoughts on “Confused about Health Insurance?

  1. Don’t be too afraid of high-deductible plans. It’s not only low-users that benefit- especially if you partner one with an HSA (health savings account.). HSAs allow you to save up for out-of-pocket expenses pre-tax, and they roll over year to year. MANY families will save money on a plan with a higher deductible, not just low users. They’re worth looking into.

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      1. I think they aren’t utilized more because they’re confusing. We do our best at open enrollment to explain, and to provide tools to show what a good deal they are…it’s a challenge every year but I can usually get through to a few folks each time. 🙂

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  2. Helpful, easy to understand article. As an insurance professional, it’s nice to find good and accurate information for consumers. I suspect health insurance will become even more confusing in coming months.

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