Wondering what Suboxone® is?

Suboxone® is a medication that is used to treat addiction.

Read more about Suboxone and addiction problems at our main site.

7 thoughts on “Wondering what Suboxone® is?

  1. I have Chronic Pain and use the 3 day Fentanyl patch and 5 mgs of Vicodin for a bridge. I have to be careful and only use as prescribed. This may sound odd but I cut my Vicodin in half when my body wants a second one. I do this until the craving subsides. I considered not taking it any longer but I do need this combination to combat the pain.

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  2. I knew someone with chronic back pain who took Suboxone and I am fairly sure he was addicted. He was such a nice guy but he was on disability (he had broken his back in a car accident while working) and just watched movies and slept all day and could never escape his pain. I do think a lot of it was psychological pain due to losing his job, and his wife had also left him after he became disabled. He was always complaining about pain and trying to get more meds. I feel sad just remembering this and writing about it here.


  3. Thanks Caroline for sharing your experience. The more he takes to dull his mental health pain the less effective it’s going to be for his back. He needs family and friends to give him an intervention or a reality check. Those that don’t can be an enabler without knowing it. IMO prescription pills are being abused more than illegal drugs.

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  4. I actually used to work in a state-funded medication assisted recovery clinic that used Suboxone to help patients safety quit heroin. Once detox had been accomplished the clinic would typically transfer them to Naltraxone or Vivitrol to help maintain sobriety. For some patients it was the difference between recovery or relapse, although there was always a struggle as others were able to use Suboxone to maintain a feeling of normalcy between highs and thus avoid hitting rock bottom for longer.

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    1. Wow, thanks for that knowledge bomb! you really know your stuff. It seems to me that Suboxone is almost turning into a street drug for people who can’t afford rehab. I have had so many people come to me who need help, but they can’t get an insurance policy. I don’t know why people think that ObamaCare provides insurance. If you are a drug addict, you really don’t have any options in 2017.


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