Simple Strategies Ensure Optimal Health Throughout the Recovery Process

Recovery is complicated.  You’re in the process of revamping your lifestyle, and sometimes things can feel overwhelming.  Thankfully, good health doesn’t need to be a complex part of the situation.  Here are some simple, easy strategies to incorporate into your days so you can feel your best throughout your program.   

Overcome the damage

In the grip of addiction, your body is subjected to harmful effects from the abused substance.  Virtually your entire being can be affected, including your nervous system, immune function, cardiac system, and digestive tract.  As a result, giving your body some TLC and ensuring you keep up medical care is crucial.  Older adults should be especially conscientious.  Some experts feel seniors can have a particularly rough road to recovery, as their bodies work to heal.  Older adults should review their healthcare coverage and explore outside insurance options to ensure they’re keeping their health on track.  For example, Humana’s Medicare Advantage offers everything Medicare does, as well as additional coverage for things like dental care, vision exams, hearing checks, and gym memberships.  Regardless of age and circumstances, make sure you take full advantage of insurance benefits and attend medical exams.  Staying healthy is a critical part of recovery. 

Reduce exposure to toxins

You might be surprised that even once you’re not abusing substances, you could be subjecting your body to dangerous toxins.  Popular Mechanics notes in-home air pollution can be harmful to your health, as you breathe in tiny, invisible toxins from things like cleansers, paint, and carpets.  Your primary line of defense is simply changing air filters in your home regularly.  When you purchase new air filters, be sure to check the MERV rating, such as 8, 11, or 13, and note higher numbers reflect superior filtration, indicating the filter works harder at keeping your home’s air clean.  If smoking has been your go-to during your recovery, talk to a counselor about moving toward cessation to ensure you’re removing these toxins from your life too. 

Spend time outdoors

It’s important to ensure your home offers safe air to breathe, but getting out into the fresh air also provides important health benefits for those in recovery.  In fact, Psychology Today indicates time in nature can be an integral part of a successful program.  It’s a chance to regain perspective, reflect on your inner workings, and separate from the stresses of various obligations.  The important thing is to interact with Mother Nature, so if you don’t have access around your home to much green space, consider trying some container gardening, getting a pet, or visiting local parks.  

Animal companions

Do you have a pet in your life?  Having a furry, finned, or feathered friend to come home to can enhance your recovery.  The benefits can impact your life in significant ways, providing companionship, improving mood, and helping to reduce your risk for issues like anxiety and depression.  From dogs to goldfish, having a pet to listen to you and depend on you can help you feel better about yourself and life as a whole.  You can take a quiz to help point you toward an ideal pet for your lifestyle, so the addition is a positive move for both you and your new friend.  

Stretch your legs

Making fitness part of your new lifestyle is a great way to help your body heal.  Not only is it good for your physical well-being, but some experts suggest exercise is also a great way to distract you from cravings.  Physical activity also reduces risk for depression and anxiety, and helps to structure your day.  Additionally, it’s a chance to connect with others as you build your social life in new directions.  Consider going jogging, learning some yoga poses, hiking with your dog, or taking a class in something you always wanted to try, like kickboxing or dancing.  Have fun with what you’re doing so you look forward to it, and make it an ongoing part of the new you!

Right now, you’re in the process of reframing your lifestyle.  Things can feel pretty challenging, but simple strategies can help you heal.  Giving your body and mind every possible advantage can make all the difference so you feel healthy and whole again. 

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