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The need to do speed – Meth Addiction

I had a short relationship with the street-drug "speed".  Ultimately, it was alcohol that took me down. In any case, if you watch the show Intervention, it's easy to figure out that meth use (speed) is quite popular in certain circles. It's cheap, easy to get and it temporarily makes you feel good. What is speed? … Continue reading The need to do speed – Meth Addiction

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Socially Using Drugs

I was never a social drinker. My motivation for drinking was to change the way I was felt. My experience with drugs was the same; so it shouldn’t surprise you that I haven’t tried a mind-altering substance I didn’t like. I am not against drugs and alcohol. I am just against drugs and alcohol for … Continue reading Socially Using Drugs


Meth Addiction – Breaking Free

Have you seen the before and after photos of people addicted to meth?  They are very provocative and disturbing. However, I am fascinated by the physical transformation that takes place in only a few years of using this drug. Well,  now you can see your own face on meth right here. By uploading a photo or … Continue reading Meth Addiction – Breaking Free

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Getting High on Drugs – What’s Hot

There are so many new drugs being created, that even the law is having a hard time keeping up. Federal agents say that just the drug term “Molly” covers two dozen different chemical compounds.  To further confuse things, the slang is frequently changing. Five new different synthetic drug compounds are introduced to the US market every … Continue reading Getting High on Drugs – What’s Hot

The Drug Enforcement Agency – 5 Classes of Drugs

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) website is a great source of information. The site is simple to navigate and the information is easy to read. Not at all, what I would expect from a government website. They publish a booklet called "Drugs of Abuse" a DEA resource guide. You can access it here. The section … Continue reading The Drug Enforcement Agency – 5 Classes of Drugs

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The Effects of Marijuana on the Body

What is Marijuana? It goes by many different names—pot, herb, ganja, weed, grass—and stronger forms include sinsemilla (sin-seh-me-yah), hashish (“hash” for short), and hash oil. This mind-altering substance is an illegal drug in most states. The Effects of Marijuana on the Body from Healthline Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant. The flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems … Continue reading The Effects of Marijuana on the Body

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Drug Addiction Cartoon & Quiz

Why do people use drugs? In general, people begin taking drugs for a variety of reasons: To feel good. To feel nothing. To do better and for curiosity and peer pressure. .


Drug Addiction, Brains and PSA

Addiction is a long-lasting brain disease. It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain—and how the brain works. These changes can last a long time.

Purple Drank

‘Dirty Sprite’ growing trend among teens can be deadly

'Dirty Sprite' growing trend among teens can be deadly  Dirty Sprite is also called Purple Drank. It is a slang term for a mixture  made from high doses of  prescription-strength cough syrup. It is usually put in a styrofoam cup and mixed with soda.