Native American Alcoholism

The Alcoholic Myth – Native American’s

It’s a terrible stereotype that Native American's like to drink “fire water” and stumble through life drunk. This article has been moved to my main blog!

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Ridiculously Healthy Foods for the Sober (or Not Sober) Person.

Pinterest is an online pinboard site. My account has many different themed recovery boards. The board titles are on subjects like, addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, gambling….. etc. So, I am always surprised when I look at the analytics and the top two pins (out of over 800) are usually (1) the benefits of doing a sauna detox … Continue reading Ridiculously Healthy Foods for the Sober (or Not Sober) Person.

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Socially Using Drugs

I was never a social drinker. My motivation for drinking was to change the way I was felt. My experience with drugs was the same; so it shouldn’t surprise you that I haven’t tried a mind-altering substance I didn’t like. I am not against drugs and alcohol. I am just against drugs and alcohol for … Continue reading Socially Using Drugs

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Alcohol – The Cure for Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the fear of situations that involve interacting with other people. It is also worrying about being negatively judged and evaluated by others. This disorder is chronic and causes problems in almost all areas of a person's life. Since alcohol can reduce stress, it is a quick and easy solution ....

Drug Alcohol Intervention

Conducting an Intervention – for the Alcoholic or Addict

Some good news: recovery treatment has advanced and it's no longer true that someone has to hit "rock bottom" to get help. A structured intervention might possibly be the solution that will start a lifetime of sobriety. An intervention helps a person see the link between their alcohol or drug use and the problems in their life. … Continue reading Conducting an Intervention – for the Alcoholic or Addict

Relapse Triggers

Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers

Recovering alcoholics avoid alcohol. The reason is simple; if you suffer from alcoholism, consuming one drink is nearly impossible, because it produces an almost immediate, uncontrollable craving. Once the craving kicks in, there is no predicting the behavior that will follow. Considering that premiss — is it safe for sober people to eat food cooked … Continue reading Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers

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My Child Has a Problem with Drugs

As a parent, it is your role to take care of your child. But, when your teen or adult child is addicted to drugs, most likely the best you can do is to guide them to a solution.  If your loved one wants to get clean and sober, then help them get into a rehab. But … Continue reading My Child Has a Problem with Drugs

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Sex and Love Addiction

Sex and love addiction has the same progressive patterns as other addictions.  The sexual addict struggles to control their behaviors, and feels guilt over their constant failure and lack of "willpower". Their loss of self-esteem get bigger and this fuels the need to escape even further into their addictive behaviors. This cycle will repeat. A sense of powerlessness … Continue reading Sex and Love Addiction


Trendy Internet Drug – Kratom

If you read some pro-drug forums, you might get the impression that Kratom is a wonderful substance, that can be all things to all people. One of the first sites I found, when I entered the drug name into the Google search bar, offered a handy user guide.  The article from the site stated "Kratom is … Continue reading Trendy Internet Drug – Kratom

Fame Alcoholic

Alcoholism In The Spotlight

Jon Hamm, most famous for starring as the whiskey-swilling, chain-smoking advertising exec Don Draper on Mad Men, recently checked out of rehab for alcohol addiction, according to TMZ. AMC’s Emmy-winning drama is known for depicting heavy drinking and smoking by its characters, who work in a Madison Avenue ad firm in the 1960s. The show … Continue reading Alcoholism In The Spotlight