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What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a term used when a person has a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety alongside a problem with alcohol or drugs. So, going back to the analogy of having a headache, people suffering from dual diagnosis will use drugs to mask the symptoms of their mood disorders, which in turn causes more harm.

Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps

Is “Celebrate Recovery” A Good Alternative to 12-Step Programs?

The Celebrate Recovery versus Alcoholics Anonymous discussion When I originally wrote about Celebrate recovery, almost two years ago it was enjoyed by some, but not a "popular" article. What has blown my mind is the comment section. It has taken on a life of its own.  So it only made sense, to pull it out, … Continue reading Is “Celebrate Recovery” A Good Alternative to 12-Step Programs?

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Your Friends In Sobriety Can Make or Break You

I feel that sometimes the fellowship in recovery doesn’t get the credit it is due. Sometimes you go meetings and you will hear someone say that fellowship will not keep you sober and that the fellowship and the program are two very different things. I even heard someone say in a meeting that they didn’t … Continue reading Your Friends In Sobriety Can Make or Break You

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The Reasons That People Relapse

I’d like to start this off with the disclaimer that I am not an expert on relapses or what goes into making one, but rather I am just going to share what I have noticed in my time in sobriety. Being sober for a little while now I have noticed different patterns in relapses depending … Continue reading The Reasons That People Relapse


7 Approaches to Treatment We’re Thankful No Longer Exist

Special Authored Article by Rose Locking Over the years, there have been many ways of approaching individuals struggling with addiction. From mental institutions to prisons to high-end rehabs that rival many vacation resorts, addiction has been approached by medical professionals, law enforcement, neurologists, clergy and psychologists alike. Addicts have been punished, medicated, prayed over, bribed, analyzed, … Continue reading 7 Approaches to Treatment We’re Thankful No Longer Exist

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Theories of Addiction

What causes addiction? Special Authored Article by Rose Locking What “cures” it? There are so many theories, and yes, some are evidence backed. But ultimately, we don’t really know as much as we should. From the causes to the cures, let’s look at some common theories on addiction treatment, and explore some popular beliefs that have … Continue reading Theories of Addiction

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Helping an Alcoholic – What a doctor won’t tell you

The doctor can't admit their confusion. How can someone who is reasonable in all areas of their life, act completely insane when it comes to a certain type of beverage. It's hard to watch. How can someone with two Driving Under the Influence arrests (DUI's) drive drunk, the night they are released from jail? How … Continue reading Helping an Alcoholic – What a doctor won’t tell you

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Faith Based Addiction Recovery

If you are devoted to your faith and have a drug or alcohol problem; a religious based treatment program might be a good fit. In fact, combining your existing faith with a medical recovery program will probably result in a better success rate. I have know plenty of drug using and alcoholic priests in recovery; completely … Continue reading Faith Based Addiction Recovery

Recovery Apps

Addiction – there is an app for that.

Drug Addiction and Recovery Apps are very popular right now. There are so many to choose from -- it's easy to get overwhelmed. I rounded up a small list - the focus in on the recovery of alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders, mental illness and gambling. The Alcohol Use Predictor This app is designed to be a screening … Continue reading Addiction – there is an app for that.

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The 12-step fight – it’s not about the money

if you are dying from a hopeless condition (like substance abuse or mental illness) and you find a solution that has gives you a second chance on life -- good for you. I am happy for anyone who has experienced recovery, regardless of how they did it. And frankly, I am so grateful, not to be suffering from alcoholism, addiction and/or mental illness, I could care less what you call it. I never want to feel that way again. The bottom line - if you are going to hate something, I want to hear a solution (at the end of your rant) otherwise it's just a waste of time.