Moving Forward: What Needs to Happen When the Addiction Treatment is Completed

  Addiction Treatment is Over - Now What? It takes a lot of guts to admit there is a substance abuse problem and begin the difficult path to getting sober and free again. Addiction treatment is a major step, but it’s not the whole process. In fact, the process will continue for the rest of … Continue reading Moving Forward: What Needs to Happen When the Addiction Treatment is Completed

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Why Addiction Is A Disease

Addiction = Disease Even though addiction was officially classified as a disease by the American Medical Association in 1987 there is still a debate today about whether this classification is correct. Opponents of the disease model of addiction claim that addiction cannot be a disease because it is brought about because of choices that the addict … Continue reading Why Addiction Is A Disease

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7 Most Realistic Movies On Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a major part of American culture. As the gatekeepers of our culture Hollywood has taken notice and over the years created numerous movies centered on the topics of addiction and alcoholism. Some have played exclusively on addiction stereotypes, barely scratching the surface of this complex issue, while others have dived … Continue reading 7 Most Realistic Movies On Addiction

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Adolescent Marijuana Addiction Fueled by Multiple Factors

Adolescent Marijuana Addiction Fueled by Multiple Factors By: Trey Dyer Adolescents and young people today live in an age characterized by shifting views on marijuana legality, as well as its potential use for medicinal purposes. More and more states are moving toward marijuana legalization, both recreationally and medically, or decriminalization. With society’s shifting views on … Continue reading Adolescent Marijuana Addiction Fueled by Multiple Factors

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Theories of Addiction

What causes addiction? Special Authored Article by Rose Locking What “cures” it? There are so many theories, and yes, some are evidence backed. But ultimately, we don’t really know as much as we should. From the causes to the cures, let’s look at some common theories on addiction treatment, and explore some popular beliefs that have … Continue reading Theories of Addiction


Interviewing Alcoholics

  About six months ago, I was contacted by a young woman to do an interview. It was really quite random. She had visited our website (and probably many others) and felt inspired to create an "alcoholism portal". She called and asked for an informal interview. My husband and I were driving across country, in an RV, … Continue reading Interviewing Alcoholics

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Recovery, Resources and Drug Awareness

I just realized it September, which means it is *Recovery Month. Last year I set off to write an article on the “event” and got side tracked. The topic ended up being about an organization called the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. This year, I am going to stay focused and provide a … Continue reading Recovery, Resources and Drug Awareness


Medication for Addiction – Naltrexone (Part 1)

Fast Facts about Naltrexone on 800 Recovery Hub What is Medication Treatment for Addiction?

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Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

What to expect The first thing to remember is that Drug Addiction (or Alcoholism) is a complex illness. It is characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. These cravings cause irrational, compulsive drug seeking behaviors. The addict will lie and manipulate every chance they get, despite the consequences. Remember, your loved one is not a bad person … Continue reading Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

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Confused about Health Insurance?

Insurance terms are confusing. Don't be frustrated, because I can help. Read the original article on our main site. The link is above.