Alcoholism Treatment

The Best Natural Treatments for Alcoholism

People who are long-term, heavy drinkers require professional help. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can cause seizures and hallucinations. This can affect brain functioning and lead to death. However, you can supplement your efforts by using a few natural approaches. This can boost your success in overcoming alcoholism. Meditation The decision to quit drinking requires mental discipline and … Continue reading The Best Natural Treatments for Alcoholism

Here is Proof – I am not an Alcoholic

Most hard-core drinkers are not classified as alcoholics. Can this be true, or Is this the start of redefining alcoholism, so that insurance plans will not have to cover treatment?

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Alcoholism In The Spotlight

Jon Hamm, most famous for starring as the whiskey-swilling, chain-smoking advertising exec Don Draper on Mad Men, recently checked out of rehab for alcohol addiction, according to TMZ. AMC’s Emmy-winning drama is known for depicting heavy drinking and smoking by its characters, who work in a Madison Avenue ad firm in the 1960s. The show … Continue reading Alcoholism In The Spotlight

Stages of Alcoholism

The body chemistry of a non-problem drinker has only one difference than the body chemistry of a problem drinker. The non-problem drinker does not create a physical craving for alcohol once they ingest alcohol and therefore can often be heard making statements like “I am starting to feel it I better stop now, no thank … Continue reading Stages of Alcoholism

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Helping someone with addiction – Resource List!

Learn more about family support groups. There are many choices to pick from. Don't blow this off! Family education groups provide information about the nature of a substance use disorder; its effects on the loved one, the family, and others; the nature of relapse and recovery; and family dynamics. These groups often motivate families to become more involved in treatment.

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Alcohol can produce detectable impairments in memory after only a few drinks and, as the amount of alcohol increases, so does the degree of impairment. Large quan­ tities of alcohol, especially when consumed quickly and on an empty stomach, can produce a blackout, or an interval of time for which the intoxicated person cannot recall key details of events, or even entire events.

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Recovery -10 Things

10 things I am glad a learned about this year - the short version 1. You can get high a lot easier these days - and you don't necessarily need a drug dealer to do it. Cough Syrup - When not used for colds, cough medicine is a “street drug”. Commonly referred to as Syrup, Robo … Continue reading Recovery -10 Things

Not Money 12-step

The 12-step fight – it’s not about the money

if you are dying from a hopeless condition (like substance abuse or mental illness) and you find a solution that has gives you a second chance on life -- good for you. I am happy for anyone who has experienced recovery, regardless of how they did it. And frankly, I am so grateful, not to be suffering from alcoholism, addiction and/or mental illness, I could care less what you call it. I never want to feel that way again. The bottom line - if you are going to hate something, I want to hear a solution (at the end of your rant) otherwise it's just a waste of time.

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Cure for Alcoholism

Modern Treatment for Alcoholism includes medication. Doctor's who tested Naltrexone on patients with Alcoholism, saw three kinds of effects. Naltrexone can reduce a patient’s urge or desire to drink. Naltrexone helps patients remain abstinent. Naltrexone can interfere with the patient’s desire to continue drinking more if he/she slips and has a drink.

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Drinking in Moderation

There is a program for drinking in moderation. More specifically, it is a harm reduction program called HAMS. It is based on a belief that many people are going to use drugs and alcohol, despite even the strongest treatment efforts. Their aim is to find approaches that will reduce the level of bad behavior. They … Continue reading Drinking in Moderation