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Alcohol’s effect on your brain

I have memory lapses from my first few weeks of being sober. So, it's not hard to imagine that drinking took a toll on my brain. I haven't had a drink in 20 years ... I like to think that I stopped before I did too much damage. But, I can't be sure. Yes, I know about the reported … Continue reading Alcohol’s effect on your brain

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Myths About Alcohol and Alcoholism

There are plenty of myths about alcohol and alcoholism. Some of these myths might be obvious but some might surprise you. Find out what’s myth and what’s real. Myth: Alcoholics are old men, who wear dirty trench coats, and drink under a bridge. I am embarrassed to admit that I thought this was true for a … Continue reading Myths About Alcohol and Alcoholism

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Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers

Recovering alcoholics avoid alcohol. The reason is simple; if you suffer from alcoholism, consuming one drink is nearly impossible, because it produces an almost immediate, uncontrollable craving. Once the craving kicks in, there is no predicting the behavior that will follow. Considering that premiss — is it safe for sober people to eat food cooked … Continue reading Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers


Good Sleep = Good Sobriety

A study just came out in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, showing that people in early recovery have a hard time going to sleep. "Treating sleep disturbance in early recovery may have considerable impact on maintenance of sobriety and quality of life," according to Dr. Nicholas Rosenlicht of University of San Francisco and colleagues. The … Continue reading Good Sleep = Good Sobriety