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Extra Time This Week

Do you have some time off this week? We do! And nothing says family fun entertainment more  (in our house) than watching movies and television. Sure, we have a six-year-old, but when he is asleep, we turn off Frosty the Snowman and watch the most dysfunctional themed entertainment, we can find. Classic Movie Titles The … Continue reading Extra Time This Week

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Alcohol can produce detectable impairments in memory after only a few drinks and, as the amount of alcohol increases, so does the degree of impairment. Large quan­ tities of alcohol, especially when consumed quickly and on an empty stomach, can produce a blackout, or an interval of time for which the intoxicated person cannot recall key details of events, or even entire events.

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Is someone else’s Alcoholism (or addiction) making you sick?

I had many beliefs about Al-Anon, that were embarrassingly untrue.  My first error, was thinking it was a group of miserable people (mostly women) who sat in a circle and complained about their drunk spouses.  Not true.  I also thought that people attended Al-Anon to learn how to change someone else's drinking problem. Not true.  Al-Anon helps you … Continue reading Is someone else’s Alcoholism (or addiction) making you sick?

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Drinking in Moderation

There is a program for drinking in moderation. More specifically, it is a harm reduction program called HAMS. It is based on a belief that many people are going to use drugs and alcohol, despite even the strongest treatment efforts. Their aim is to find approaches that will reduce the level of bad behavior. They … Continue reading Drinking in Moderation

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Are you a normal drinker – Quiz

If you are a heavy drinker that has not developed alcoholism, you are not doomed. You can cut back your drinking, or not drink at all and prevent alcohol problems, in the future.

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Alcohol as Healthy, Abusive and Deadly

Isn't drinking a little every day healthy? Alcohol may have a few beneficial effects when taken in very small amounts. But, there are a lot of exceptions. From what I have read, the health benefits seem to only relate to a "healthy heart". The negative list of problems from drinking is a lot longer. The bottom line … Continue reading Alcohol as Healthy, Abusive and Deadly