What are drug cravings & how can I deal with them?

When it comes to addiction and cravings, there’s no easy way to overcome them. In short, anyone who develops an addiction will inevitably experience cravings at some point in the recovery process and likely even in more advanced stages of long-term recovery. However, even though cravings are an unavoidable, it’s often the case that those … Continue reading What are drug cravings & how can I deal with them?


Medication for Addiction – Naltrexone (Part 1)

Fast Facts about Naltrexone on 800 Recovery Hub What is Medication Treatment for Addiction?

Rehab Drug Addiction

Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

What to expect The first thing to remember is that Drug Addiction (or Alcoholism) is a complex illness. It is characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. These cravings cause irrational, compulsive drug seeking behaviors. The addict will lie and manipulate every chance they get, despite the consequences. Remember, your loved one is not a bad person … Continue reading Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

Relapse Triggers

Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers

Recovering alcoholics avoid alcohol. The reason is simple; if you suffer from alcoholism, consuming one drink is nearly impossible, because it produces an almost immediate, uncontrollable craving. Once the craving kicks in, there is no predicting the behavior that will follow. Considering that premiss — is it safe for sober people to eat food cooked … Continue reading Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers