Help Drug Addiction = save life

Helping a Drug Addict

If you want to help the drug addict in your life, here is what you should not say: 1. If you loved me you would stop. 2. Just cut back a little. 3. Why don't you try smoking weed instead of shooting heroin (insert drug of choice). 4. You are just trying to self-medicate, once you … Continue reading Helping a Drug Addict

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Getting High on Drugs – What’s Hot

There are so many new drugs being created, that even the law is having a hard time keeping up. Federal agents say that just the drug term “Molly” covers two dozen different chemical compounds.  To further confuse things, the slang is frequently changing. Five new different synthetic drug compounds are introduced to the US market every … Continue reading Getting High on Drugs – What’s Hot

The Drug Enforcement Agency – 5 Classes of Drugs

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) website is a great source of information. The site is simple to navigate and the information is easy to read. Not at all, what I would expect from a government website. They publish a booklet called "Drugs of Abuse" a DEA resource guide. You can access it here. The section … Continue reading The Drug Enforcement Agency – 5 Classes of Drugs

Anxiety Disorder (PTSD) can pretend to be Addiction or Alcoholism

I am retraining my brain because I consistently think of people suffering from PTSD, as war veterans. It's true that 20% of soldiers who have been deployed in the past 6 years have PTSD, but it can occur after any traumatic experience. Examples are situations involving natural disasters, serious accidents, life-threatening illnesses, physical abuse, and sexual … Continue reading Anxiety Disorder (PTSD) can pretend to be Addiction or Alcoholism

ADHD - Addiction Diagnosis

Boost your Drug IQ

National Drug IQ week starts tomorrow. The focus is to shatter myths about drugs and drug use. The audience is teens. It doesn't matter your age, there are so many helpful resources on the website. You can brush up on your scientific knowledge. You can find the latest statistics, trends, and infographics on drug abuse … Continue reading Boost your Drug IQ

Mind Drugs

Drug Addiction Cartoon & Quiz

Why do people use drugs? In general, people begin taking drugs for a variety of reasons: To feel good. To feel nothing. To do better and for curiosity and peer pressure. .


Drug Addiction, Brains and PSA

Addiction is a long-lasting brain disease. It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain—and how the brain works. These changes can last a long time.


Pill Addiction from the Pharmacy

Painkillers Prescription painkillers, or opioids, are medications that reduce the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain and impact brain areas controlling emotion. When prescription drugs are taken as directed, they are usually safe. It requires a trained health care person, such as a doctor or nurse, to determine if the benefits of taking the medication … Continue reading Pill Addiction from the Pharmacy


Christian Recovery – One Size Does Not Fit All

For too long I believed that the recovery method that worked for me, was the only recovery method that worked for anyone - period. Anything that differed from my experience was a scam or a fake.  How silly!  Treatment comes in so many varieties.  And that is awesome, because it opens the door for people with … Continue reading Christian Recovery – One Size Does Not Fit All