The Hardest Obstacles of Recovery

Active drug addicts can be summed up in just a few words: ripping and running, neglecting responsibilities, lying, stealing, cheating, and virtually a giant tornado damaging everyone and everything around them. However, if these same drug addicts sober up and dedicate their lives to a program of recovery, their new lives can be explained in … Continue reading The Hardest Obstacles of Recovery

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Myths about Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

So Many Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Myths Although an estimated 40 million Americans suffer from alcoholism or addiction it is still an often misunderstood disease. We have come a long way from the days when treatment for the alcoholic or addict consisted of strapping them to a table and waiting for withdrawals to stop, but … Continue reading Myths about Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

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Drug Addiction Cartoon & Quiz

Why do people use drugs? In general, people begin taking drugs for a variety of reasons: To feel good. To feel nothing. To do better and for curiosity and peer pressure. .