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Tropes like “Off the Wagon”, “Alcoholic” and “Recovering” as seen on TV

A trope is a cliché.  The word is used often when describing the theme of a book, TV show or film.  For example, "we saw a movie last night and it was the typical horror themed trope".  The reason I am mentioning this is because I came across this website called TvTropes. They have a selection … Continue reading Tropes like “Off the Wagon”, “Alcoholic” and “Recovering” as seen on TV

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Extra Time This Week

Do you have some time off this week? We do! And nothing says family fun entertainment more  (in our house) than watching movies and television. Sure, we have a six-year-old, but when he is asleep, we turn off Frosty the Snowman and watch the most dysfunctional themed entertainment, we can find. Classic Movie Titles The … Continue reading Extra Time This Week

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My Favorite TV Drunks

There are so many awesome TV drunks  Some are daily drinkers, some are alcohol abusers, and others are full-blown alcoholics. Drinking like an alcoholic but somehow never drunk 1. Oliva Pope in Scandal. Have you seen her humongous wine glass? Oh my goodness, you can empty an entire bottle of wine, in each of those "single … Continue reading My Favorite TV Drunks