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Addiction – there is an app for that.

Drug Addiction and Recovery Apps are very popular right now. There are so many to choose from -- it's easy to get overwhelmed. I rounded up a small list - the focus in on the recovery of alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders, mental illness and gambling. The Alcohol Use Predictor This app is designed to be a screening … Continue reading Addiction – there is an app for that.

eating disorders

Eating Disorders – Fast Facts

Some of my most popular social media links are based on eating disorders. I find this a little strange, because I rarely receive a phone call on that very subject. In any case, I put together a quick sheet. In the United States eating disorders are more common than Alzheimer's disease. As many as one million women … Continue reading Eating Disorders – Fast Facts

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Ridiculously Healthy Foods for the Sober (or Not Sober) Person.

Pinterest is an online pinboard site. My account has many different themed recovery boards. The board titles are on subjects like, addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, gambling….. etc. So, I am always surprised when I look at the analytics and the top two pins (out of over 800) are usually (1) the benefits of doing a sauna detox … Continue reading Ridiculously Healthy Foods for the Sober (or Not Sober) Person.

Picky eating

The latest eating disorder – Picky Eating

Selective Eating Disorder is an eating disorder that prevents the consumption of certain foods. You might think of this as "picky eating". Not so fast. Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is now a condition that describes adults who limit their eating. Medical professionals say that sufferers of ARFID have an inability to eat certain … Continue reading The latest eating disorder – Picky Eating

10 things recovery

Recovery -10 Things

10 things I am glad a learned about this year - the short version 1. You can get high a lot easier these days - and you don't necessarily need a drug dealer to do it. Cough Syrup - When not used for colds, cough medicine is a “street drug”. Commonly referred to as Syrup, Robo … Continue reading Recovery -10 Things

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Recover from addiction with technology

This month, many people will be getting new or upgraded computers and smartphones for the Holidays. Next month, many others will be making New Year's resolutions. Take advantage of the the latest technology by incorporating some smartphone apps into your recovery.

cross addicts


Why can't a drug addict (who has never had a problem with alcohol) have a drink? First, alcohol reduces your inhibitions and increases the chance that you will make a bad choice. The second reason, is known as cross-addiction.

Binge Eat

Is She Bulimic?

My husband was on the phone, chatting with a friend, several days ago. I could overhear their conversation and they were talking about his twenty-something daughter.  Apparently, she has some serious esophagus problem. I am sitting there, bitting my tongue thinking "are you guys clueless? -- it's obvious she has an eating disorder". He gets off the phone and I butt into what … Continue reading Is She Bulimic?

Eating Issues

“Modern Eating” Disorders

Most people have a general understanding of the two major eating disorders.  Anorexia is self-starvation and Bulimia is purging (vomiting) after you eat.  However, up to 50% of diagnoses of eating disorder, fall into another category, mostly referred to as (ENDOS) Eating disorder not otherwise specified. This means that many eating disorder sufferers are not … Continue reading “Modern Eating” Disorders

Obsessed with food or weight

Eating Disorder’s 101

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. But, People who seek help for an eating disorder can recover and go on to live a healthy normal life.