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How do you gamble … minus the addiction?

I have a bit of experience with gambling addiction. When I was just a few days old, I was given up for adoption. In my 20's I met my birth mother. She told me that my grandfather was a gambling addict. Now, I am not referring to the classic "he lost all the family money".  I am … Continue reading How do you gamble … minus the addiction?

Gambling Addiction

Gambling, Alcoholism & Curious Facts

I am looking outside my office window, which overlooks the Las Vegas strip. In this town, gambling, alcoholism, and addiction can be seen from all angles. The rest of this article can be read on the blog from our main website. The link is above.

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Recover from addiction with technology

This month, many people will be getting new or upgraded computers and smartphones for the Holidays. Next month, many others will be making New Year's resolutions. Take advantage of the the latest technology by incorporating some smartphone apps into your recovery.

cross addicts


Why can't a drug addict (who has never had a problem with alcohol) have a drink? First, alcohol reduces your inhibitions and increases the chance that you will make a bad choice. The second reason, is known as cross-addiction.

DSM5 Addictions

Addiction and DSM-5

If you are a non-medical person (like me) understanding how the DSM categorizes different forms of addiction, can be very confusing. What is the DSM? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard used to classify mental disorders. It is used by doctors and mental health professionals in the United States. The DSM … Continue reading Addiction and DSM-5

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Gambling, Gaming and Teens

Any game of chance or skill that is played for money is gambling. For some people, gambling can be as dangerous and addictive as drugs.