Internet Addiction

Web Junkie – Internet Addiction Documentary

Internet Addiction is a hot topic, especially in our home. My son, who is 7, will be the first generation of children born with an iPad in their hands. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but he did get one at the age of two.  I wonder what the effects will be both mentally and … Continue reading Web Junkie – Internet Addiction Documentary

Video Game

Addiction, Video Games and Adoption

I feel like I was born with genetics that predetermined I would struggle with addiction and alcoholism. The very first time I sampled booze, I blacked out. That is not normal. But, I provide an interesting case study -- I was given up for adoption when I was only a few days old. As an … Continue reading Addiction, Video Games and Adoption

10 things recovery

Recovery -10 Things

10 things I am glad a learned about this year - the short version 1. You can get high a lot easier these days - and you don't necessarily need a drug dealer to do it. Cough Syrup - When not used for colds, cough medicine is a “street drug”. Commonly referred to as Syrup, Robo … Continue reading Recovery -10 Things

Las Vegas at night

Gambling, Gaming and Teens

Any game of chance or skill that is played for money is gambling. For some people, gambling can be as dangerous and addictive as drugs.

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Internet, Texting and Digital Addiction?

'Generation D' and the Neurological Basis for Digital Addiction | The Fix. A recent LA Times article named texting the “addiction du jour” for teens, surpassing more traditional ones, like smoking and sex. The statistics are very sobering as they reinforce the dangers of texting while driving. An astonishing 40% of all American teenagers report having been … Continue reading Internet, Texting and Digital Addiction?