What are drug cravings & how can I deal with them?

When it comes to addiction and cravings, there’s no easy way to overcome them. In short, anyone who develops an addiction will inevitably experience cravings at some point in the recovery process and likely even in more advanced stages of long-term recovery. However, even though cravings are an unavoidable, it’s often the case that those … Continue reading What are drug cravings & how can I deal with them?

Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Parents who find themselves facing the nightmare of a young adult child who is addicted to drugs will likely do anything to help them.  But when the reality of the potential costs involved with treatment becomes known, many loving parents simply don’t have access to that kind of money.  Due to the perceived financial burden … Continue reading Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Get the candid answers you need about drug and alcohol addiction

Addiction Answers Drug and alcohol addiction are confusing subjects, so you are going to have a lot of questions. Find answers to 10 of my frequently asked questions below. Can you legally force a family member into rehab? I get this question a lot. The short answer is no. However, it varies by state. In some … Continue reading Get the candid answers you need about drug and alcohol addiction

Health Insurance and Addiction Coverage

The way that drug and alcohol treatment works has changed dramatically over the past five to ten years. In the past people who went away to inpatient treatment would sometimes stay for 6 months to a year, with short-term stays coming in around 3 months. But with the changes in health insurance, mostly due to … Continue reading Health Insurance and Addiction Coverage

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Intervention Do’s and Don’t

The following information is applicable after you have made the decision to go forward with an intervention. In my case, my family decided to go the "old school" tough love route and cut me out of their life. I know this sounds harsh but it saved my life. I got sober 20 years ago, and there … Continue reading Intervention Do’s and Don’t

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Recovery, Resources and Drug Awareness

I just realized it September, which means it is *Recovery Month. Last year I set off to write an article on the “event” and got side tracked. The topic ended up being about an organization called the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. This year, I am going to stay focused and provide a … Continue reading Recovery, Resources and Drug Awareness

Are drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms dangerous?

Yesterday I spoke with a man who has been drinking heavily for a long time. As a result he is very sick. His liver is distended, he can't keep down food and he is urinating blood.  When he tries to reduce the amount of drinks, his body reacts violently.   He said he wants to stop … Continue reading Are drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms dangerous?


addiction and alcoholism – Americans with Disability Act

Here is a common question I get -- "I am addicted to drugs and I need help to get sober; if I go to a 30-day treatment center will I be fired from my job?". How the Americans with Disabilities Act Protects You from Termination

Marijuana Effects

The Effects of Marijuana on the Body

What is Marijuana? It goes by many different names—pot, herb, ganja, weed, grass—and stronger forms include sinsemilla (sin-seh-me-yah), hashish (“hash” for short), and hash oil. This mind-altering substance is an illegal drug in most states. The Effects of Marijuana on the Body from Healthline Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant. The flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems … Continue reading The Effects of Marijuana on the Body

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Health Insurance 2015 – Free Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Millions of people with drug and alcohol abuse problems are now eligible for treatment through the Affordable Care Act. Under the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance plans are required to cover substance abuse treatment as one of 10 “essential health benefits” specified in the law. Drug and alcohol abuse should now be approached as a disease with the same protocols of screening, detection and preventative care as heart disease or diabetes.