Alternative Addiction Treatments: What Will Really Work for You?

Alternative treatments may seem promising, but you need to know what will truly work for you. Sometimes you should seek out other therapies, and sometimes you may need to avoid them. To balance out your recovery, keep these points in mind. 

Get the candid answers you need about drug and alcohol addiction

Addiction Answers Drug and alcohol addiction are confusing subjects, so you are going to have a lot of questions. Find answers to 10 of my frequently asked questions below. Can you legally force a family member into rehab? I get this question a lot. The short answer is no. However, it varies by state. In some … Continue reading Get the candid answers you need about drug and alcohol addiction

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Helping an Alcoholic – What a doctor won’t tell you

The doctor can't admit their confusion. How can someone who is reasonable in all areas of their life, act completely insane when it comes to a certain type of beverage. It's hard to watch. How can someone with two Driving Under the Influence arrests (DUI's) drive drunk, the night they are released from jail? How … Continue reading Helping an Alcoholic – What a doctor won’t tell you

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Intervention Do’s and Don’t

The following information is applicable after you have made the decision to go forward with an intervention. In my case, my family decided to go the "old school" tough love route and cut me out of their life. I know this sounds harsh but it saved my life. I got sober 20 years ago, and there … Continue reading Intervention Do’s and Don’t

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Helping a Drug Addict

If you want to help the drug addict in your life, here is what you should not say: 1. If you loved me you would stop. 2. Just cut back a little. 3. Why don't you try smoking weed instead of shooting heroin (insert drug of choice). 4. You are just trying to self-medicate, once you … Continue reading Helping a Drug Addict

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Conducting an Intervention – for the Alcoholic or Addict

Some good news: recovery treatment has advanced and it's no longer true that someone has to hit "rock bottom" to get help. A structured intervention might possibly be the solution that will start a lifetime of sobriety. An intervention helps a person see the link between their alcohol or drug use and the problems in their life. … Continue reading Conducting an Intervention – for the Alcoholic or Addict

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Helping someone with addiction – Resource List!

Learn more about family support groups. There are many choices to pick from. Don't blow this off! Family education groups provide information about the nature of a substance use disorder; its effects on the loved one, the family, and others; the nature of relapse and recovery; and family dynamics. These groups often motivate families to become more involved in treatment.