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Myths About Alcohol and Alcoholism

There are plenty of myths about alcohol and alcoholism. Some of these myths might be obvious but some might surprise you. Find out what’s myth and what’s real. Myth: Alcoholics are old men, who wear dirty trench coats, and drink under a bridge. I am embarrassed to admit that I thought this was true for a … Continue reading Myths About Alcohol and Alcoholism

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Are you a normal drinker – Quiz

If you are a heavy drinker that has not developed alcoholism, you are not doomed. You can cut back your drinking, or not drink at all and prevent alcohol problems, in the future.

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Alcohol as Healthy, Abusive and Deadly

Isn't drinking a little every day healthy? Alcohol may have a few beneficial effects when taken in very small amounts. But, there are a lot of exceptions. From what I have read, the health benefits seem to only relate to a "healthy heart". The negative list of problems from drinking is a lot longer. The bottom line … Continue reading Alcohol as Healthy, Abusive and Deadly