Alternative Addiction Treatments: What Will Really Work for You?

Alternative treatments may seem promising, but you need to know what will truly work for you. Sometimes you should seek out other therapies, and sometimes you may need to avoid them. To balance out your recovery, keep these points in mind. 

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What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a term used when a person has a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety alongside a problem with alcohol or drugs. So, going back to the analogy of having a headache, people suffering from dual diagnosis will use drugs to mask the symptoms of their mood disorders, which in turn causes more harm.

3 Things To Avoid After Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Returning to everyday life after drug and alcohol rehab can be filled with triggers and temptations. Avoid these 3 things to ensure a healthy recovery.

Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Parents who find themselves facing the nightmare of a young adult child who is addicted to drugs will likely do anything to help them.  But when the reality of the potential costs involved with treatment becomes known, many loving parents simply don’t have access to that kind of money.  Due to the perceived financial burden … Continue reading Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Addiction Treatment Success Rates For Outpatient and Residential Patients

Getting the help needed to treat a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step to take in the quest to manage this chronic, relapsing disease.  The importance of enlisting the help of professionals in the field of addiction and recovery is key, as treating addiction successfully requires this high level of expertise.  An addict … Continue reading Addiction Treatment Success Rates For Outpatient and Residential Patients

Non 12-Step Addiction Rehab Programs Explained

Most everyone is familiar with the 12-Step program associated with Alcoholics Anonymous.  This popular fellowship program has been around since the late 1930s assisting members worldwide in their quest to live a life without drugs and alcohol.  What is less familiar, but just as significant in the addiction and recovery world, are the non 12-Step … Continue reading Non 12-Step Addiction Rehab Programs Explained

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What You Really Need to Pack for Rehab

Going away to rehab can be a very stressful experience. There is the prospect of leaving your home for an undetermined period of time, the unknown of what is to come and you are away from all of the creature comforts you have grown accustomed to. There is also the list of common reasons that … Continue reading What You Really Need to Pack for Rehab

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Recovery, Support and 12-Step Groups

Let me clear up some confusion.  There are various names for similar recovery organizations. You might hear "self-help group" "support group" "12-step" or even "peer group".  In the medical community they call it Mutual Aid Support. That sounds a little clunky to my ear, but okay, I can go with it. What do these groups do? These groups normally … Continue reading Recovery, Support and 12-Step Groups

The rich, the famous … the non-drinkers?

I am surprised to learn that there are many famous people who don't drink alcohol -- or never tried it. These celebs are not sober because they suffered from alcoholism or drug addiction - they were just never interested.  A few names you might know: Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump, Dane Cook, Jennifer Hudson, Penn (from Penn … Continue reading The rich, the famous … the non-drinkers?

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Methadone Maintenance Treatment ….

Is Methadone Treatment right for you? Read more and find tons of information on our 800 Recovery Hub website.