3 Things To Avoid After Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Returning to everyday life after drug and alcohol rehab can be filled with triggers and temptations. Avoid these 3 things to ensure a healthy recovery.

5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for College in Recovery

More and more often an education is required to secure a job; many companies see a college degree as a sign of initiative and good follow through skills. If you’re diligent you can prepare yourself for the challenges of college while keeping your recovery program intact. Most addiction starts in late adolescence, so setting and … Continue reading 5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for College in Recovery

Relapse Triggers

Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers

Recovering alcoholics avoid alcohol. The reason is simple; if you suffer from alcoholism, consuming one drink is nearly impossible, because it produces an almost immediate, uncontrollable craving. Once the craving kicks in, there is no predicting the behavior that will follow. Considering that premiss — is it safe for sober people to eat food cooked … Continue reading Alcoholic Cravings and Triggers