Alcoholic Technology, Vacations, Gift Items and More?

I love articles and blogs that are created around a list. Titles like “the top twelve websites to help save money” or “ten ways to help you customize a search on google”. You get the point. The problem with these lists……. I get a little overwhelmed and distracted. I am going to avoid doing that by presenting a short list of (recovery themed) websites that I find valuable.

Smart Phone App
AA Big Book and More
This free app is easy to use, helps you keep track of your sobriety, provides the text of the AA Big Book, and offers encouraging messages daily. It is easy to use and simple.

Recovery Coins and Medallions
Network 12
“Your Internet Supermarket for Recovery Medallions”. This is a no-frills site, that offers a wide variety of sobriety coins. They have a beautiful selection, reasonable prices and good customer service. I have ordered from this site dozens of times and always have had a good experience. By the way, the item arrives in a discreet package.

Speaker Tapes
XA Speakers
This is a collection of recordings from speaker meetings. It is an easy to navigate, no-frills site. They offer all sorts of recordings from conventions, workshops, and speaker meetings. All of the speaker tapes are put online as a free download. I have been using this site for years.

AA Speakers
This website contains a collection of over 300 Alcoholics Anonymous speaker tapes. All of the speaker tapes are free. You can listen to them online or download the mp3 speaker tapes to your computer. I have also been using this site for many years.

There are also dozens of recovery podcasts and even youtube channels available, for your sober listening pleasure. I tend to keep it simple and use these sites, instead.

Historical Information
“Where you can experience much historical and related information on the subject of Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous history and related information.”  This site is packed with information. It’s obviously a labor of love — truly impressive and immensely humble.

Sober Vacations
SVI Sober Vacations International
“SVI was created in 1987 with the idea that recovery has to be fun. Anywhere we gather to have a vacation with meetings will be great. We try to find that special destination that takes this idea to the highest level.” We have been on dozens of vacations with this company. They provide a wonderful, sober experience. It’s great for families, singles and couples. It’s also a nice way for someone to travel alone. Many of our vacations have been at Club Med. The entire village is typically booked for SVI and all alcohol is removed.

Speaking of traveling. If you find yourself in an area, where you can’t find a meeting, you can check out an online Meeting (or chatroom) here:
About Alcohol Meetings

I am tempted to list some more links, but I will keep to my original promise of keeping it short. This way, I can keep true to myself. The sites I mentioned above are from my personal bookmark list. Take what you like, and disregard the rest.
Our 800RecoveryHub site offers free and confidential help

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