3 thoughts on “Blackouts

  1. Ugh……I was up to two fifths of vodka a day when I quit in 1995. Only in the last six months did I start to black out. People in AA think I’m lying when I talk about this, but believe it or not, I seemed to know when I was in one and would forget once past it. I could see the storm coming and I would start taking notes; I’m not kidding. I’d get up after finally passing out and look at what I’d written. Always a surprise……Crud! I gotta work tonight? Must have spoken with my boss. These episodes were frightening, no doubt. Certifiable behavior? Absolutely. My question is, are there any studies that would indicate once the catalyst of the blackout is removed, the weakness may remain and re-assert itself without it? Is there a chance that as I age my memory will deteriorate faster that it should because of past abuse? Information may help others here as well. Thank you for your post.

    With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood

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    1. Daniel, you are my kind of drinker. I was chugging vodka, straight out of the bottle, my last few months drinking. My last “drunk” was also in 1995. When researching blackouts, I found this article helpful.
      Also, here is a detailed publication on alcohols effects on the body (it’s not hard to read).

      Click to access beyondHangovers.pdf

      Much of the damage that we did while drinking can be repaired. However, after a certain point, it’s too late to fix the brain damage. This is what us non-doctors (me) call wet brain. I had serious memory gaps during my first month of sobriety. I hope I stopped in time. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

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