Ibogaine: An Alternative to Beating Addiction

Can Ibogaine help with substance abuse?

Addiction is a rising crisis in our society and one that has hit every ethnicity and socio-economic class without prejudice. Drug overdose is no longer something that happens in darkened alleys or dilapidated houses. The pain of addiction is hitting middle-class society harder than ever.

Addiction changes the brain

The difficult thing about an addiction is the way it works. These substances change the brain, binding to the pleasure receptors and increasing the chemical levels that make us feel good. But the brain is adaptive and, over time, it needs an increased level of chemical to feel good. As the need increases, the amount of the drug required to produce this euphoria increases which leads to dependence and eventually, addiction.

After you take a drug for a while, the feel-good parts of your brain get used to it. Soon, your brain and body must have the drug to just feel normal.

Addiction changes your life

The cost of addiction in a person’s life is extremely high. Loss of family, loss of work, criminal prosecution—these are just a few of the struggle that an addict faces. This all happens while the addicts are also struggling with mental and chemical issues stemming from addiction. And traditional rehabs are barely helping.

Why traditional rehab might not be the only answer

Going to rehab is becoming more and more common. Rehab centers are used for everything from addiction to drugs and alcohol, to gambling, the internet, and depression. Even the legal system allows rehab to be used as a means of alternative sentencing in conjunction with probation.

Traditional rehab has a very low success rate. Although any success in the battle against addiction is to be celebrated, the possible reason why most traditional rehabilitation programs fail is the lack of variation. While almost all rehab centers in the US center around the AA model, there are alternative options that work for individuals who didn’t have success.

Finding an alternative to rehab: Ibogaine

While there are many other alternatives to traditional rehab methods, Ibogaine is one of the least understood. Ibogaine is not new. In fact, it’s been used for thousands of years in Africa as a tool of healing, and in the rite of passage ceremonies of tribal populations. Unlike many treatments used today as part of a traditional rehab program (such as suboxone or methadone), Ibogaine is a naturally occurring substance.

Back in the 1960s, Ibogaine was discovered to have unique properties that helped stop heroin and opiate withdrawal symptoms. It stopped the symptoms once administered.

Ibogaine resets the brain

There is ample scientific evidence to show how effective Ibogaine is for treating addiction. ICEERS is a Netherlands-based group that has been studying Ibogaine and other psychedelic medicines for decades.

As stated earlier, the brain is altered and damaged by drug addiction, creating an imbalance that requires an increased level of drugs and alcohol to meet the need. These neurotransmitters increase their demand for pleasure-causing substances as the addiction takes hold.

Ibogaine has been shown to heal these receptors to their pre-addicted state. As the brain chemistry is normalized, the brain no longer craves the drug of choice. Ibogaine counteracts the hormone imbalance without the need for drugs or alcohol. Because of its healing power, Ibogaine accomplishes in a single session what months or years of therapy and twelve-step programs cannot: an end to addiction.

Ibogaine therapy starts the process

Once an addict’s brain chemistry is normalized, the rest of the work necessary to overcome the cycle of addiction can begin. Ibogaine is still illegal in the United States as well as most other countries the world. However, treatment centers are found easily across the border in Mexico as well as Canada and much of South America.

heroin no cost rehab
Ibogaine is often used for opiate and heroin addiction.

Ibogaine treatment works with deep spiritual and psychological insights during an intense psychedelic experience, sometimes lasting 12-24 hours. Because of the lengthy nature of the treatment, it is crucial to find a center that uses proper medical staff and screening for each patient.

Ibogaine is administered in doses over a pre-determined period of time when the withdrawal symptoms are at their peak. The journey is described as a visionary state, with contemplation and reflection on the traumas and psychological conditioning that led to addiction.

While nothing is an absolute cure-all for addiction, Ibogaine allows the addict to begin the ongoing work needed free of the physical demands of the withdrawal. Not every treatment is right for every addict. However, each addict must find the best treatment for themselves.

Note from Victoria: this is not a suggestion or endorsement. I am open-minded to whatever treatment might get a person free from alcohol and drug addiction. I got sober 21 years ago, and much has changed.

13 thoughts on “Ibogaine: An Alternative to Beating Addiction

  1. Its only illegal in usa and France, I wrote a poem about my experience with it. In a nutshell yes it does but must be used with caution. Certain things like a bad heart contraindicates with the medicine as it slows down one rhythm of the heart and has in some very rare cases lead to death. On the other hand, look at the Bwiti for example, some of them eat it every single day of their lives…

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  2. Hi this is interesting. I have never heard of it. I have been free from addiction for 25 years in November. I worked in a recovery project for a few years but no longer work there. I run a 12 step programme on a Monday night called Overcomers Outreach. I fully understand that 12 steps aren’t for everyone.


  3. Love hearing about new alternatives to healing, Victoria. Great read! Although our practices involve a holistic means to recovery, I do like knowing about the different ways to healing – as they all have the same end goal.


    1. Ditto! I used to think the only way to get sober is the way I got sober. How close-minded is that? I have seen too many success stories of people I swore could never get sober. In that sense, I love being wrong.

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