Addiction and Organic Coffee?

Addiction is described as one of the rising problems in the world nowadays. If we look at the description of the word here, it is the surrender or devotion towards something or someone habitually or obsessively. The word addiction is mainly used for illegal stuff and is considered to be treated with as soon as possible. This short read will be discussing how to deal with addiction. We’ll also discuss caffeine addiction and why you should switch to Organic Coffee before you taper down your use.

Options To Deal with Addictive Behavior

Studies prove that we get accustomed to a routine, drug or an activity in a period of mere 21 days. After these 21 days, the body starts demanding the drug or whatever you are addicted to. Almost 90% of Americans consume caffeine every day. Coffee or Caffeine addiction is what is common in today’s age, like diabetes.  But I tend to think that every problem or condition has a solution. Addictions, when dealt with properly, can be helped. It might not be easy to deal with an addiction, but every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Symptoms of Addiction 

Addiction is not just related to drugs or illegal stuff. The majority holds the idea that it is related to illegal things. However, experts say that addiction has many forms and can be related to many things. Some of the primary and commonly found types of addictions are; Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Pill Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Hoarding Addiction, Internet Addiction, Caffeine Addiction, Gaming Addiction, Sexual and Love Addiction. Of course, these will sound familiar to you. Yes, these addictions are common around the world, which means that an addict can be living right under your roof or could be yourself. But how do you characterize an addict? What are the symptoms? 

When does a habit turn into a problem?

At first, you chose to use something; maybe a pill or to play a game of Counter-Strike. It was just a choice, and if you skipped one day without the game, it didn’t matter. But now, you can’t stop thinking about the game and can’t seem to have a single day without the game. Addiction causes this difficulty in concentration on something else. It also causes depression, headache, fatigue, anxiety, excessive urination, nervousness, and muscle pain or stiffness. There are many more symptoms, but they are visible when you are trying to leave what you are addicted to. You may suffer through depression, which can even worsen into hallucinations. You might also experience digestive problems which can give you nausea, vomiting, constipation, tremors and much more. 

These drugs, caffeine or activities that you’re addicted to can cause physical, social or psychological problems. If you’re addicted to drugs, then there are more chances of going into a depression. Your thinking capability slows down, and a partial memory loss can follow this. It can cause cancer and can affect the lungs. Furthermore, it can cause many more diseases.

Even something as good as Organic Coffee can prove to be harmful if abused. The stimulant can accelerate your brain capacity beyond your control. As a consequence, you might feel fatigued, which can even result in fainting. And activities like Internet or Gaming addiction can end up creating social problems in your life. If you start making sacrifices for your addiction, you might end up bailing on your relatives or friends. Many addicts prefer solitude or secrecy and a lot more. 

How to start to let go of These Addictions

What we discussed before was how and what problems can addictions cause. Now the main question is how to let go of these addictions and how to heal yourself of these diseases. Experts say that no matter how many benefits organic coffee has, its addiction can cause at least 2 to 9 days of pain and misery in you suddenly stop drinking it. This is true of most addictions, don’t stop “cold turkey” use the same approach; take it slow.

You cannot leave addiction in a single day or just a few hours. This will result in high risk and even higher misery. But if you have the motivation, and someone to counsel you and support you in this journey of good, then dealing with your addiction can begin. People join rehabilitation centers to let go of their addictions. When this is not available, you may be able to help yourself. There are a few options if the right approach is chosen, and the support is provided. There are several other methods to deal with addictions, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Medication
  • 12-Steps Program
  • Exercise

Take a small step to feel better

Addictions can get worse but as mentioned before every dark cloud has a silver lining. Thus, every addictive behavior has a potential solution. If the addiction is a depressant or drugs, then consider moving towards Organic coffee, which will help your mind into the light of coming clean. This will help you start feeling better in many ways.

Remember some drugs require a medical detox. Don’t do anything before speaking to an expert.

4 thoughts on “Addiction and Organic Coffee?

  1. This is a great, informative post; I am definitely addicted to caffeine and try my best to reduce my intake/not drink any if I feel rested when I wake up. But waking up at 7am for an 8am class 5 days a week is definitely testing my self control. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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  2. This is a great post pertaining to what addiction means today, and how it may tie into our lives. I think you make a really important distinction that there is a difference between engaging in an activity and being addicted to it. Addiction to one behavior in several forms has long-term consequences on overall well-being, which is what I just wrote about in my own post. Feel free to check it out and leave any contributions that you would like, you definitely seem well versed in the subject. Great post!

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