Addiction and Organic Coffee?

Addiction is described as one of the rising problems in the world nowadays. If we look at the description of the word here, it is the surrender or devotion towards something or someone habitually or obsessively. The word addiction is mainly used for illegal stuff and is considered to be treated with as soon as … Continue reading Addiction and Organic Coffee?

Alcoholism Treatment

The Best Natural Treatments for Alcoholism

People who are long-term, heavy drinkers require professional help. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can cause seizures and hallucinations. This can affect brain functioning and lead to death. However, you can supplement your efforts by using a few natural approaches. This can boost your success in overcoming alcoholism. Meditation The decision to quit drinking requires mental discipline and … Continue reading The Best Natural Treatments for Alcoholism

Are drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms dangerous?

Yesterday I spoke with a man who has been drinking heavily for a long time. As a result he is very sick. His liver is distended, he can't keep down food and he is urinating blood.  When he tries to reduce the amount of drinks, his body reacts violently.   He said he wants to stop … Continue reading Are drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms dangerous?

Detox From Drugs

Drug and Alcohol Detoxing 101

Detoxification is a process to manage withdrawal symptoms. This is done by clearing toxins from a person who is physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. The goal is to minimize physical harm. Important note: this is different than substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation. Detox is the medically supervised process to prevent life-threatening problems that would appear, if the addict was left untreated