Here is Proof – I am not an Alcoholic

Most hard-core drinkers are not classified as alcoholics. Can this be true, or Is this the start of redefining alcoholism, so that insurance plans will not have to cover treatment?

controlled drinking

Drinking in Moderation

There is a program for drinking in moderation. More specifically, it is a harm reduction program called HAMS. It is based on a belief that many people are going to use drugs and alcohol, despite even the strongest treatment efforts. Their aim is to find approaches that will reduce the level of bad behavior. They … Continue reading Drinking in Moderation

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Alcohol as Healthy, Abusive and Deadly

Isn't drinking a little every day healthy? Alcohol may have a few beneficial effects when taken in very small amounts. But, there are a lot of exceptions. From what I have read, the health benefits seem to only relate to a "healthy heart". The negative list of problems from drinking is a lot longer. The bottom line … Continue reading Alcohol as Healthy, Abusive and Deadly