3 Things To Avoid After Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Returning to everyday life after drug and alcohol rehab can be filled with triggers and temptations. Avoid these 3 things to ensure a healthy recovery.

Addiction Treatment Success Rates For Outpatient and Residential Patients

Getting the help needed to treat a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step to take in the quest to manage this chronic, relapsing disease.  The importance of enlisting the help of professionals in the field of addiction and recovery is key, as treating addiction successfully requires this high level of expertise.  An addict … Continue reading Addiction Treatment Success Rates For Outpatient and Residential Patients

Steps to Getting Help with Heroin Withdrawal

In a succession of revelations through which the heroin addict eventually becomes disenchanted with the using lifestyle, he or she decides it is finally time to quit.   Self-disgust for the destruction that heroin addiction has wrought in their life and the lives of loved ones is one key motivator for getting clean, as well as … Continue reading Steps to Getting Help with Heroin Withdrawal


5 Quick Recovery Tips

Quick ways for successful sobriety. These include social media links, prescription pill advice and what to do after rehab.

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Functional Alcoholism

Can You Function as an Alcoholic? I could not. My drinking was a full-time job, so naturally any kind of employment got in the way. That is not everyone's story. Some folks can drink heavily without consequence. Others can obtain high achievements while drunk. If you can drink whenever you feel like it, get up … Continue reading Functional Alcoholism

Heroin Treatment

Methadone Maintenance Treatment ….

Is Methadone Treatment right for you? I have no idea — that is for a doctor or treatment center to decide. The good news is that if you are addicted to Heroin (Opioids) you have options, to get clean and sober. This is the last article of a three-part series about Medication Assisted Treatment for … Continue reading Methadone Maintenance Treatment ….

Tapering for Addictioin

Wondering what Suboxone® is?

Suboxone® is a medication that is used to treat addiction. Background Prescription opioid pain medications such as Oxycontin and Vicodin are very addictive. These drugs can have effects similar to heroin ... especially when taken in large doses or taken other than prescribed. Not everyone who uses opioids gets addicted. But it is difficult to … Continue reading Wondering what Suboxone® is?


Medication for Addiction – Naltrexone (Part 1)

Fast Facts about Naltrexone. Naltrexone helps you avoid relapse. It is legal and is administered under a doctor’s care. It is NOT just another drug to abuse. Naltrexone is produced under safe conditions and sold legally. There is no risk of getting tainted doses, which can happen with street drugs. You can stop taking Naltrexone at … Continue reading Medication for Addiction – Naltrexone (Part 1)

Rehab Drug Addiction

Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

What to expect The first thing to remember is that Drug Addiction (or Alcoholism) is a complex illness. It is characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. These cravings cause irrational, compulsive drug seeking behaviors. The addict will lie and manipulate every chance they get, despite the consequences. Remember, your loved one is not a bad person … Continue reading Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

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Ridiculously Healthy Foods for the Sober (or Not Sober) Person.

Pinterest is an online pinboard site. My account has many different themed recovery boards. The board titles are on subjects like, addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, gambling….. etc. So, I am always surprised when I look at the analytics and the top two pins (out of over 800) are usually (1) the benefits of doing a sauna detox … Continue reading Ridiculously Healthy Foods for the Sober (or Not Sober) Person.