Rehab Options and Treatment Plans

Finding an Effective Rehab Center and Treatment Plan for Your Loved One

The Challenge of finding the best rehab Selecting the right rehab center for your loved one can be challenging. There are many factors to consider and questions to ask. In the end, the best choice for your loved one will depend on their situation and personal preferences. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, here … Continue reading Finding an Effective Rehab Center and Treatment Plan for Your Loved One

Laying the Groundwork: A To-Do List for People Heading to Recovery

Steps to prepare for rehab If you’ve decided to check into a drug or alcohol recovery program, congratulations - you’ve made a conscious, albeit difficult, decision to get the help you need to turn your life around. It takes courage and faith that things can get better. It also takes some time to prepare for … Continue reading Laying the Groundwork: A To-Do List for People Heading to Recovery

Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Parents who find themselves facing the nightmare of a young adult child who is addicted to drugs will likely do anything to help them.  But when the reality of the potential costs involved with treatment becomes known, many loving parents simply don’t have access to that kind of money.  Due to the perceived financial burden … Continue reading Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Steps to Getting Help with Heroin Withdrawal

In a succession of revelations through which the heroin addict eventually becomes disenchanted with the using lifestyle, he or she decides it is finally time to quit.   Self-disgust for the destruction that heroin addiction has wrought in their life and the lives of loved ones is one key motivator for getting clean, as well as … Continue reading Steps to Getting Help with Heroin Withdrawal

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Why Addiction Is A Disease

Addiction = Disease Even though addiction was officially classified as a disease by the American Medical Association in 1987 there is still a debate today about whether this classification is correct. Opponents of the disease model of addiction claim that addiction cannot be a disease because it is brought about because of choices that the addict … Continue reading Why Addiction Is A Disease

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Are you a drug addict or alcoholic with no insurance?

Look no further. You most likely are not aware that treatment for addiction and alcoholism are essential health benefits under the Affordable Care Act. All plans must cover: Behavioral health treatment ( like counseling and therapy) Mental and behavioral health inpatient services Substance use disorder treatment (commonly referred to as alcoholism, addiction or substance abuse) Your specific behavioral health benefits will … Continue reading Are you a drug addict or alcoholic with no insurance?


Definition of Recovery

There are so many debates about the kind of language we use when we talk about Substance Abuse and Mental Health. It can be a sensitive topic. For a long time, I was very secretive about referring to myself as an alcoholic. I was embarrassed by that label. To me the word alcoholic equalled "very … Continue reading Definition of Recovery


Medication for Addiction – Naltrexone (Part 1)

Fast Facts about Naltrexone on 800 Recovery Hub What is Medication Treatment for Addiction?

Help Drug Addiction = save life

Helping a Drug Addict

If you want to help the drug addict in your life, here is what you should not say: 1. If you loved me you would stop. 2. Just cut back a little. 3. Why don't you try smoking weed instead of shooting heroin (insert drug of choice). 4. You are just trying to self-medicate, once you … Continue reading Helping a Drug Addict

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Confused about Health Insurance?

Insurance terms are confusing. Don't be frustrated, because I can help. Read the original article on our main site. The link is above.